The LH1526 relay is two SPST normally open switches that can replace electromechanical relays in many applications. The relays require a minimal amount of LED drive current to operate, making it ideal for batterypowered and power consumption sensitive applications.
The relay is constructed using a GaAIAs LED for actuation control and an integrated monolithic die for the switch output. The die, fabricated in a high-voltage dielectrically isolated technology, comprised of a photodiode array, switch-control circuitry, and MOSFET switches. In addition, the relay employs current-limiting circuitry, enabling it to pass FCC 68.302 and other regulatory surge requirements when overvoltage protection is provided. The relay can be configured for ac/dc or dc-only operation.

*Dual Channel Form A
*Extremely Low Operating Current
*High-speed Operation
*5300 VRMS I/O Isolation
*Current-limit Protection
*High Surge Capability
*Linear, ac/dc Operation
*dc-only Option
*Clean, Bounce-free Switching
*Low Power Consumption
*High-reliability Monolithic Receptor
*Flammability; UL94,VØ

*General Telecom Switching
-Telephone Line Interface
-On/off Hook
-Ring Relay
-Break Switch
-Ground Start
*Battery-powered Switch Applications
*Industrial Controls
-Microprocessor Control of Solenoids, Lights, Motors, Heaters, etc.
*Programmable Controllers
*See Application Note 56


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