The IMP811/IMP812 are low-power supervisors designed to monitor voltage levels of 3.0V, 3.3V and 5.0V power supplies in low-power microprocessor (μP), microcontroller (μC) and digital systems. Each features a debounced manual reset input. The IMP811/812 are improved drop-in replacements for the Maxim MAX811/812 with extended temperature specifications to 105°C.
A reset signal is issued if the power supply voltage drops below a preset threshold and is asserted for at least 140ms after the supply has risen above the reset threshold. The IMP811 has an active-low output RESET that is guaranteed to be in the correct state for VCC down to 1.1V. The IMP812 has an active-high output RESET. The reset comparator is designed to ignore fast transients on VCC .
Low power consumption makes the IMP811/IMP812 ideal for use in portable and battery-operated equipment. Available in a compact 4-pin SOT143 package, the devices use minimal board space.

Key Features
*Improved Maxim MAX811/MAX812 replacement
-Specified to 105°C
-New 4.0V threshold option
*6μA supply current
*Monitor 5V, 3.3V and 3V supplies
*Manual reset input
*140ms min. reset pulse width
*Guaranteed over temperature
*Active-LOW reset valid with 1.1V supply (IMP811)
*Small 4-pin SOT-143 package
*No external components
*Power-supply transient-immune design

*Computers and controllers
*Embedded controllers
*Battery operated systems
*Intelligent instruments
*Wireless communication systems
*PDAs and handheld equipment


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