The HA17008R series are 8-bit monolithic D/A converters which have built in, a reference current amplifier, an R-2R ladder resistor, and 8 high speed current switches.
By setting the reference voltage and resistance, the maximum output current can be freely varied in response to the application.
The reference current is distributed to the current value for each bit by the R-2R ladder resistor, and the maximum output current is 255/256 of the reference current. For example, if the input reference current is 2.0 mA, then the maximum available output current is 1.992 mA.
Applications for the HA17008R are wide ranging, and include CRT displays, stepping motor control, programmable power supplies, audio equipment, and attenuators.

*Linearity of ±0.19% (±1/2 LSB) guaranteed.
*The settling time is short, 85 ns (typ), enabling rapid conversions.
*Low power dissipation has been reduced: 135 mW typ.
*Compatible with TTL and CMOS logic.
*The standard supply voltage is VCC = +15.0 V, VEE = –15.0 V.
*A wide output voltage range can be provided. From –10 V to +18 V.


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