The ML5805 is a single chip fully integrated Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) transceiver developed for a variety of applications operating in the 5.725GHz to 5.850GHz unlicensed ISM band. The ML5805 is mode selectable for operation with digital cordless phones (DSSS or DECT) and higher data rate streaming applications like wireless audio and video.
The ML5805 contains a dual-conversion low-IF receiver with all channel selectivity on chip. IF filtering, IF gain, and demodulation are performed on-chip, eliminating the need for any external IF filters or production tuning. A post detection filter and a data slicer are integrated to complete the receiver.
The ML5805 transmitter uses an adjustment-free closed loop modulator, which modulates the on-chip VCO with filtered data. The ML5805 includes an upconversion mixer, a buffer/predriver, and a power amplifier to produce a typical output power of +21dBm. A fully integrated fractional synthesizer is used in both receive and transmit modes. Power supply regulation is included in the ML5805, providing circuit isolation and consistent performance over supply voltages between 2.8V-3.6V.

*Highly integrated 5.8GHz FSK Transceiver with selectable data rates; 576kbps, 1.152Mbps, 1.536Mbps, 1.755Mpbs, 2.048Mbps
*Fractional-N synthesizer with 30 Hz resolution
*Low-IF receiver eliminates external IF filters
*Fully integrated digital FIR Tx data filter, IF filters, FM discriminator, and Rx data filter.
*Self-calibrating VCO and filters eliminate tuning.
*Operating Modes include DSSS-DCT, DECT, and high rate (2.048Mbps) for wireless audio and video
*-97dBm sensitivity (0.1%BER) with Integrated LNA
*+21dBm typical output power from Integrated PA
*Includes FastWave™ embedded wireless microcontroller technology
*Simple 3-wire control interface
*TR PIN diode or FET switch driver outputs
*Analog RSSI output: 35mV/dB
*Selectable Rx clock recovery output
*40 QFN package (6mm x 6mm)

*Digital Cordless Telephones DSSS & DECT
*Wireless Streaming Audio and Video
*Wireless Data Links

ML5805DM, ML5805DM-T

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