The AV132-315 is a voltage controlled variable attenuator from Alpha’s series of HIP3™ components. It is specifically designed and specified for use as a wide dynamic range low distortion attenuator for DCS and PCS base station applications centered at 1837.5 MHz and 1960 MHz. The AV132-315 employs a monolithic quadrature hybrid and a pair of silicon PIN diodes to achieve the specified low distortion performance. It operates from 0–12 V with 1.6 mA typical control current at maximum attenuation. The AV132-315 is packaged in a small outline LGA (Land Grid Array) surface mount package with the internal elements affixed to an organic BT substrate.

*23 dB Attenuation Range
*1.5 dB Insertion Loss, 1.5 SWR
*0–12 V Control Voltage
*43 dBm IP3
*Small Footprint LGA Package
*Designed for DCS/PCS Base Station Applications

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