The SCM1106M inverter power module (IPM) device provides a robust, highly-integrated solution for optimally controlling 3-phase motor power inverter systems and variable speed control systems used in energy-conserving designs to drive motors of residential and commercial appliances. These ICs take 85 to 253 VAC input voltage, and 10 A (continuous) output current. They can withstand voltages of up to 600 V (IGBT breakdown voltage).
The SCM1100M series employs a new, small-footprint proprietary DIP package. The IC itself consists of all of the necessary power elements (six IGBTs), pre-drive ICs (three), and flyback diodes (six), needed to configure the main circuit of an inverter, as well as a bootstrap circuit (three bootstrap diodes and three boot resistors) as a high-side drive power supply. This enables the main circuit of the inverter to be configured with fewer external components than traditional designs.
Applications include residential white goods (home appliances)
and commercial appliance motor control, such as:
*Air conditioner fan motor
*Refrigerator compressor motor
*Washing machine main motor
*Air conditioner compressor motor

Features and Benefits
*Each half-bridge circuit consists of a pre-driver circuit that is completely independent from the others
*Protection against simultaneous high- and low-side turning on
*Bootstrap diodes with series resistors for suppressing inrush current are incorporated
*CMOS compatible input (3.3 to 5 V)
*Designed to minimize simultaneous current through both high- and low-side IGBTs by optimizing gate drive resistors
*UVLO protection with auto restart
*Overcurrent protection with off-time period adjustable by an external capacitor
*Fault (FO indicator) signal output at protection activation: UVLO (low side only), OCP, and STP
*Proprietary power DIP package

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