The AMS222 is a low-cost, oscillator intended to be used as an external clock for low-frequency applications. The device consists of a resistor-programmed oscillator with complementary output stage. An external resistor allows for output frequency range to be adjusted from 10kHz to 6MHz. The complimentary output stage is very useful in paralleling, switching regulators for doubling the output current. AMS222 is offered in SOT-23 5-leads package.

*Low-Cost, Oscillator/Clock Generator
*Simple User Programming
*Output frequency programmable from 10 kHz to 6MHz
*2.7 to 15V Single-Supply Operation
*Output frequency tolerance <1%
*Complementary output signal
*Break before make output signal

*Switch-Mode Power Supplies
*Embedded Microcontrollers
*Industrial Controls
*Automotive Applications


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