The ALD1704 is a CMOS monolithic operational amplifier with MOSFET input that has rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges. The input voltage range and output voltage range are very close to the positive and negative power supply voltages. Typically the input voltage can be beyond positive
power supply voltage V+, or the negative power supply voltage V- by up to 300mV. The output voltage swings to within 60mV of either positive or negative power supply voltages at rated load.
This device is designed as an alternative to the popular JFET input operational amplifiers in applications where lower operating voltages, such as 9V battery or ±3.25V to ±6V power supplies are being used. It offers high slew rate of 5V/ms at low operating power of 30mW. Since the ALD1704 is designed and manufactured with Advanced Linear Devices' standard enhanced ACMOS silicon gate CMOS process, it also offers low unit cost and exceptional reliability.
The rail-to-rail input and output feature of the ALD1704 allows a lower operating supply voltage for a given signal voltage range and allows numerous analog serial stages to be implemented without losing operating voltage margin. The output stage is designed to drive up to 10mA into 400pF capacitive and 1.5KW resistive loads at unity gain and up to 4000 pF at a gain of 5. Short circuit protection to either ground or the power supply rails is at approximately 15mA clamp current. Due to complementary output stage design, the output can both source and sink 10mA into a load with symmetrical drive and is ideally suited for applications where push-pull voltage drive is desired.
The offset voltage is trimmed on-chip to eliminate the need for external nulling in many applications. For precision applications, the output is designed to settle to 0.1% in 2ms. For large signal buffer applications, the operational amplifier can function as an ultra high input impedance voltage follower/buffer that allows input and output voltage swings from positive to negative supply voltages. This feature is intended to greatly simplify systems design and eliminate higher voltage power supplies in many applications.

*Rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges
*5.0V/ms slew rate
*Output settles to 2mV of supply rails
*High capacitive load capability -- up to 4000pF
*Symmetrical push-pull output drives
*No frequency compensation required --unity gain stable
*Extremely low input bias currents -- 1.0pA typical (20pAMax)
*Ideal for high source impedance applications
*High voltage gain -- typically 150V/mV
*Output short circuit protected
*Unity gain bandwidth of 2.1MHz

*Voltage amplifier
*Voltage follower/buffer
*Charge integrator
*Photodiode amplifier
*Data acquisition systems
*High performance portable instruments
*Signal conditioning circuits
*Low leakage amplifiers
*Active filters
*Sample/Hold amplifier
*Current to voltage converter
*Coaxial cable driver
*Capacitive sensor amplifier
*Piezoelectric transducer amplifier

ALD1704B, ALD1704, ALD1704G

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