The QFMT6 AND QFMR6 miniature UHF radio modules enable the implementation of a reliable telemetry link at data rates of up to 64 Kbits/s.
The QFMT6 is based on a classical phase lock loop using a crystal reference oscillator. This results in an accurately controlled RF output in the frequency domain. A significant advantage of this is that narrow filtering can then be used in the receiver, which results in high interference immunity.
In addition, the modules are fitted with an on-board voltage regulator which enhances performance from improved supply filtering and also ensures a constant RF output level.
The QFMR6 is based on the single conversion superhet principle utilising a crystal based phase lock loop for accurate generation of the local oscillator. This allows use of high Q bandpass filters resulting in good adjacent channel selectivity and high interference immunity.
The QFMT6 and QFMR6 modules will suit one-to-one and multi-node wireless links in applications including building and car security, remote industrial process monitoring and computer networking. Because of its small size and low power requirements, these modules are ideal for use in portable battery powered wireless applications. These modules may be used within areas of high interference, or ‘radio traffic’. Due to the design, they provide a highly reliable radio link.

*Miniature SIL Package
*Fully Shielded
*Data Rates Up To 64kbits/S
*Range upto 200 Metres
*Single Supply Voltage
*Industry Pin Compatible

*Vehicle Alarm Systems
*Remote Gate Controls
*Garage Door Openers
*Domestic And Commercial Security

T6-8684-64, T6-86985, T6-915-20, T6-915-64

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