NAND08GAH0A and NAND16GAH0D are embedded Flash memory storage solutions with MultiMediaCard interface (eMMC™). The eMMC™ was developed for universal low cost data storage and communication media. They can be considered as high speed MultiMediaCards embedded in LFBGA169 12 x 16 x 1.4 mm, 0.5 mm pitch package instead of an MMC. The devices are fully compatible with MMC bus and hosts.
NAND08GAH0A and NAND16GAH0D communications are made through an advanced 13-pin bus. The bus can be either 1-bit, 4-bit, or 8-bit bus width. The devices operate in highspeed mode at clock frequencies equal or higher than 20 MHz. The communication protocol is defined as a part of this MMC standard and referred to as MultiMediaCard mode. For compatibility with existing controllers the devices may offer, in addition to the MultiMediaCard mode, an alternate communication protocol which is based on the SPI standard.
The devices are designed to cover a wide area of applications such as smart phones, cameras, organizers, PDA, digital recorders, MP3 players, pagers, electronic toys, etc. They feature high performance, low power consumption, low cost and high density.
To meet the requirements of embedded high density storage media and mobile applications, Numonyx NAND08GAH0A and NAND16GAH0D support both 3 V supply voltage (VCC), and 1.8 V/3 V input/output voltage (VCCQ).
The devices have a built-in intelligent controller which manages interface protocols, data storage and retrieval, wear leveling, bad block management, garbage collection, internal ECC.
In order to meet environmental requirements, Numonyx offers the NAND08GAH0A and NAND16GAH0D in ECOPACK® packages. ECOPACK packages are Lead-free. The category of second Level Interconnect is marked on the package and on the inner box label, in compliance with JEDEC Standard JESD97. The maximum ratings related to soldering conditions are also marked on the inner box label. ECOPACK is an Numonyx trademark.

*Packaged NAND Flash memory with MultiMediaCard interface
*1, 2 Gbytes of formatted data storage
*eMMC/MultiMediaCard system specification, compliant with V4.1
*Full backward compatibilty with previous MultiMediaCard system specification
*Bus mode
–High-speed MultiMediaCard protocol
–SPI protocol
–Three different data bus widths:1 bit, 4 bits, 8 bits
–Data transfer rate: up to 52 Mbyte/s
*Operating voltage range:
–VCCQ =1.8 V/3 V
–VCC = 3 V
*Supported clock frequencies: 0 to 52 MHz
*Multiple Block Read (x 8 at 52 MHz): up to 3.5 Mbyte/s
*Multiple Block Write (x 8 at 52 MHz): up to 8.5 Mbyte/s
*Power dissipation
–Standby current: down to 200 μA
–Read current: down to 30 mA
–Write current: down to 30 mA
*Error free memory access
–Internal enhanced data management algorithm (wear levelling, bad block management, garbage collection)
–Internal error correction code
*Data integrity
–Data reliability: less than 1 non-recoverable error per 1014 bits read
–Endurance: more that 2,000,000 Program/Erase cycles
–Password protection of data
–Built-in write protection (permanent or temporary)


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