The PS2705-1 is an optically coupled isolator containing a GaAs light emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor.
This package is SOP (Small Outline Package) type and has shield effect to cut off ambient light.
It is designed for high density mounting applications.

*AC input response
*High isolation voltage (BV = 3 750 Vr.m.s.)
*High current transfer ratio (CTR = 100 % TYP.)
*SOP (Small Outline Package) type
*High-speed switching (tr = 3 μs TYP., tf = 5 μs TYP.)
*Ordering number of taping product : PS2705-1-F3, F4
*UL approved: File No. E72422 (S)
*VDE0884 approved (Option)

*Hybrid IC
*FA/OA equipment
*Programmable logic controllers
*Power supply

PS2705-1-V, PS2705-1-A, PS2705-1-V-A

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