Mimix's pHEMT technology is tested and proven in military, space and commercial applications. Mimix's proven workhorse, the CF003-03, has been fabricated in the Company's in-house foundry for over 19 years and is now available in packaged form as the CFS0303-SB.
The CFS0303-SB is a high dynamic range, lownoise, pHEMT packaged in a 4-lead SOT-343 surface-mount plastic package. It is intended for many applications operating in the 0.1GHz to 10GHz frequency range.
Mimix's high performance packaged pHEMTs are ideal for use in all applications where low-noise figure, high gain, medium power and good intercept is required. The CFS0303-SB is the perfect solution for the first or second stage of a base station LNA due to the excellent combination of low-noise figure and linearity. It is also well suited as a medium power driver stage in pole-top amplifiers and other transmit functions, particularly as the low thermal resistance allows extended power dissipation when voltage and current are adjusted for increased power and linearity.

*AIGaAs/InGaAs/AIGaAs Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (pHEMT)
*High Dynamic Range
*Low Current and Voltage
*Bias Point 3V and 60 mA
*0.3 dB Noise Figure at 2 GHz
*17 dBm P1dB at 2 GHz
*33 dBm OIP3 at 2 GHz
*600 m Gate Width: 50 Output Impedance
*Excellent Uniformity
*Low-Cost, Surface-Mount Package (SOT-343)
*Ro-HS Compliant Construction
*Low Thermal Resistance: 98ºC/W

*Low Noise Amplifiers and Oscillators Operating over the RF and Microwave Frequency Ranges
*Mobile Handsets, Base Station Receivers and Tower-Mount Amplifiers
*Wimax, WLAN, LEO, GEO, WLL/RLL, GPS and MMDS Applications
*General Purpose Discrete pHEMT for Other Ultra Low-Noise and Medium Power Applications

CFS0303-SB-0G00, CFS0303-SB-0G0T

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