General Description
 The DM163 is a LED driver that comprises shift registers, data latches, 8x3-channel constant current circuitry with current value set by 3 external resistors, and 64 x 256 gray level PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function unit.
Each channel provides a maximum current of 60 mA.
The grayscale data are separated into BANK0 and BANK1 respectively, selected by SELBK pin. BANK0 is 6-bits grayscale data and the BNAK1 is 8-bits grayscale data.
Depending on the system requirement, both PWM banks could be utilized jointly to achieve maximum 8+6 bit grayscale performance.
Alternatively, users can choose either 64-graylevel bank or 256-graylevel bank for dot correction, and the remaining bank as image data.
DM163 could also be constructed as a PWM controller for LED drivers.
When VDDH is connected to VDD, each of the 24 output channels outputs can act as an inverse digital signal for controlling the LED driver.

* 24 Output Channels
* 8 + 6-bits PWM grayscale Control
* Constant Current Output: 5mA to 60mA
* LED Power Supply Voltage up to 17V
* VDD=3V to 5.5V
* Varied Output Current Level Set By 3 External Resistors
* Serial Shift-In Architecture for Grayscale Data

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