The L1084 is a positive and low dropout three-terminal voltage regulator with 5A output current capability. This device is designed for use in low voltage applications that offers lower dropout voltage and faster transient response.
This device is fully protected against over current faults, over temperature operation, reversed input polarity, reversed lead insertion, transient voltage spike …etc.
On-Chips trimming the reference voltage to 1% and features the low dropout of maximum
1.45 volts.
The L1084 Series regulators are available in the popular industry standard TO-263 packages.

•  Very easy to use, it requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage
•  Low dropout voltage: 1.2V typical at up to 5A
•  Low ground current
•  Fast transient response
•  Current & thermal limiting
•  Line regulation: 0.5% typical
•  Load regulation: 0.5% typical
•  TO-263 packages

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