The two Channel Codec Filter PEB 2265 IOM-2 – SICOFI-2 is the logic continuation of a well-established family of Siemens Codec-Filter-ICs.
The IOM-2 – SICOFI-2 is a fully integrated PCM codec and filter fabricated in low power 1 mm CMOS technology for applications in digital communication systems.
Based on an advanced digital filter concept, the PEB 2265 provides excellent transmission performance and high flexibility.
The new filter concept (second generation) lends to a maximum of independence between the different filter blocks.
Each filter block can be seen like an one to one representative of the corresponding network element.
Only very few external components are needed, to complete the functionality of the IOM-2 – SICOFI-2.
The internal level accuracy is based on a very accurate bandgap reference.
The frequency behavior is mainly determined by digital filters, which do not have any fluctuations.
As a result of the new ADC and DAC concepts linearity is only limited by second order parasitic effects.
Although the device works with only one single 5-V supply there is a very good dynamic range available.

• Single chip CODEC and FILTER to handle two CO- or PABX-channels
• Specification according to relevant CCITT, EIA and LSSGR recommendations
• Digital signal processing technique
• Programmable interface optimized to current feed SLICs and transformer solutions
• Four pin serial IOM-2 Interface
• Single power supply 5 V
• Advanced low power 1mm analog CMOS technology
• Standard 64-pin P-MQFP-64 package
• High performance Analog to Digital Conversion
• High performance Digital to Analog Conversion
• Programmable digital filters to adapt the transmission behavior especially for
– AC impedance matching
– transhybrid balancing
– frequency response
– gain
• Advanced test capabilities
– all digital pins can be tested within a boundary scan scheme (IEEE 1149.1)
– five digital loops
– four analog loops
– two programmable tone generators per channel
• Comprehensive development platform available
– software for automatic filter coefficient calculation – QSICOS
– Hardware development board – STUT 2465

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